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Young and innocent, sixteen year old Ganiga’s life changed forever the day she boarded a local shuttle and headed out for a day in the city. During that fateful 90 minute journey, she was surreptitiously drugged by person(s) unknown and even now, Ganiga has no recollection of what must have happened. She only knows that one minute she was sitting in her seat on the vehicle, and the next thing she knew, she was laid out on a bench at the depot. Ganiga didn’t even know she had been raped until several months later when she tried to figure out why she had been gaining so much weight. Only then was she able to fill in the blanks of those missing hours with some pretty disturbing details.

Horror! Fear! Shame! Revulsion over what had happened! Dread over what was to come! Unprepared to handle any or all of it! What to do? Where to start?

Ganiga began by turning to her older sister for advice and support. Together, they checked out the limited array of choices available. It wasn’t long before abortion was eliminated as an option, and they pursued the referral to Wildflower Home given by a social worker.

In Ganiga’s own words: “Wildflower Home taught me everything. I didn’t know anything about being pregnant. I didn’t know anything about giving birth. I didn’t know anything about taking care of babies.”

Though she tries not to dwell on it, Ganiga is keenly aware of the difference she perceives between her own circumstances and the situations of the other women in Wildflower’s program: It’s not so much that she was raped that saddens her but that she will never know who the father of her baby is. Even so, Ganiga loves her child unreservedly.

Ganiga refuses to be a lifelong victim. With the support of her sister, the skills she has learned at Wildflower Home, and the opportunity the program has given her to continue her academic studies, Ganiga is well able to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a nurse

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